Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Missing: small, furry, with claws

T.C. is missing.

I have no clue how she got out and whoever must have left the door open at some point isn't owning up to it. While she liked to sit on the doorstep she wasn't all that curious about outside and would only wander out after a minute or two and even then only if something caught her attention. Since Karma hasn't figured out how to open a door, that leaves the humans and they aren't talking.

My best hope is that she gets picked up by the pound. She has been micro-chipped, so I'll get a call if they find her. My worst fear are the mutant raccoons that live around here. Bloody things are a pain in my ass, hell, I have almost gotten to the point that I have to duct tape the garbage closed.

She still does have her claws and has one of the most superiour, bitchy, feline attitudes I have ever seen. If one of them try to grab her she will make them pay.

I just want my kitty baby back. I want to piss her off my hugging her too much. She would yowl and meow as if she hated every moment of my holding her but if I loosened my grip she would lean against my shoulder yowl more. Big faker.

How silly is it that I am taking this personally? As if I did something wrong and she left because this was a horrible place to live. Like she was just biding her time until she could escape and when the opportunity rose she ran and never looked back. And the last thing I said to her was giving her shit because she was clawing at the side of the mattress.

Stupid cat....I miss her


Paxa said...


If TC is chipped the chances of her coming home safe and sound are real good. Try to keep a good thought.

FeyRhi said...

*muah* Thanks Paxa. I'm trying to stay positive but it's been days now and still no sign.