Friday, December 08, 2006

I see you!!!

Aren't these cool? They are digital pictures of my eyes. I look crosseyed though LOL
This is a new thing that they do instead of putting the drops in. You know that kind that make your vision all blurry. Considering my glasses are broken and I hadn't put in my contacts I figured I had better not make them any worse. I did have to drive home.

So according to the optomerist they are healthy. Nothing of real concern except for the spot in one eye on the maculat area. That's the dark part. She isn't concerned right now but told me that if I don't already I should start taking a multivitamin and eat lots of fruit and veggies. Get lots of those good eye vitamins.

Of course being the calm person I am *coughcoughcough* I started freaking about Macular Degeneration and worring that I am going blind in one eye. Yes I know I leand towards being an alarmist, but I have calmed down now. I figure this gives me an excuse to drink more "Sludge".

("Sludge" is what I am everyone at work affectionitly call that aweful looking green juice that we are all addicted too LOL)

I wonder if you can get the same vitamins out of red wine?? Grapes are fruit *BG*


Suzan said...

Granny Ann has age related macular degeneration and has actually improved the macula by taking 2 "Vitalux,time release multivitamin with Lutein" every day. I take one a day, when I remember, on a "just in case" basis cause I am approaching that "age related" age. sheesh

FeyRhi said...

This getting older crap sucks. My brain didn't make it much farther then 24. I don't know why the rest of me insists on carrying on without it?