Friday, December 15, 2006

A Classic

Ok so I've been playing on YouTube again but lookie what I found *BG*

This is one of my favourite stetches from Monty Python. Honestly I just don't understand when people say that they don't understand their humour or *gasp* Don't think they are funny!!

You'd have to be a dead parrot not to laugh at this one....speaking of which, I'm going to go find myself a "Dead Parrot"


Myfanwy said...

I haven't seen these sketches in years. The tears are running down my face and I am doing the "floppy chicken"!!

FeyRhi said...

I just sat here with my oldest and watched them. After translating what 'lavatory' and 'buttered scones' were she thought the whole thing was very funny.

I'm goign to show her the "Bureau of Silly Walks" sketch. You know who she loves physical comedy, that one I know she will appreciate.