Sunday, December 24, 2006

Finally it's here...

I love this picture! LOL

Thankfully I have today off. Which is a good considering everything that need doing. It's been a scrooge filled week and I am sad to say that I just don't have an ounce of the holiday spirit in me. Takes the fun out of it all to be honest. I'm hoping that at somepoint between prepping for tomorrow's dinner and cleaning the bathrooms I might be able to play with the kids and start to enjoy myself. But enough of that depressing whining.

I read a really great story about someone who got on a bus and started handing out cards that contained $50.00. This person never brought attention to herself or anything just appeared handed them out and left. *snort* and people don't beleve in The Claus'. Secret Santa
Reading that lifed my spirits considerably.

I don't believe in coincedences. Everything happens to you for a reason, it's up to us to recognise when it happens. My hubby and I have talked about adoption since before we got married. When it was reccommended to me that I NOT get pregnant again after my second; it was no big deal because we decided long ago that our third child would be adopted, if we decided to have three. So yesterday somehow the topic came up in the lunch room at work. One of the women I work with has a sister who is a missionary in Chile. Her sister helps arrange adpotions from that country. Which has been on my mind ever since it was mentioned.

I've been talking adoption for the better part of a year, hubby is kinda draging his heels about it. I'm not sure if he wants a third but damn I do. Money is a factor of course. Have to be realistic about 3 university educations in the future and everything you need before then. Also we might have to look at a bigger house. This one is fine for the four of us. There is so much to consider but isn't it worth it is the end. I love children, they drive me crazy sometimes but flaking out on a Sunday morning watching cartoons with them is one of my favourite things.

The point I brought up to hubby is that if I suddenly found my self pregnant again we wouldn't be the least bit upset. More the opposite, so why is adopting so scary?


Suzan said...

Here is a little information before you make that step to a third child.
You will now need a table for 6 at a restaurant.
Sitting at a booth won't be an option.
There will be "one" leftover in every half dozen muffin box.
All good reasons in my mind to adopt your brother.
Can we hae a boy this time?

Mucka said...

hello........idid it 5 times, and would love another

FeyRhi said...

LOL Yea but I've always known you're crazy mucka. I need a third to keep up with your crew *G*