Saturday, November 04, 2006

Music Downloading & Red Wine

So what is the number one rule about bloggin'? Don't do it while you have been drinking...anything *G* Well just another rule to break in my book and this isn't the first time I've done it. No, I am not brushing up on my Italian wines like I mentioned in an earlier post, tomorrow's hangover will be thanks to Elderton's "Friends Shiraz" 2003. Bloody delicious stuff and here in Ontario it's very difficult to get a hold of. While I wouldn't drive a car at the moment I am still able to correct my rather atrotious spelling. *giggle* and use big words.

So I have discovered the wonders of downloading music. WooHoo. Okay so I am a bit behind on the times but damn I am glad to have caught up. Although I have discovered it is very difficult to type when you are bouncing in your chair to your favourite song. Currently I am listening to "Bodies" by the Drowning Pool. That's a song that will get you going in the morning I tell ya. Hey now that is a good idea, what is someone created an alarm clock that you could program songs into or plug your MP3 player into and it would blast out a particular song instead of that annoying beeping shit. This would so be my wake up song.

(now: "Pain" by 3 Days Grace)

You know what the problem is with downloading songs? I can't remember what ones I like the most. I don't have anything but radio in my car so all the stuff I listen to on 97.7fm, I don't always catch the name. Bummer. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever grow out of this style of music? I was a complete "metalhead" in highschool and continue to be so. I like my music edgy and loud. My 9 year old often tells me that it is too loud, but then my 7 year old listens to her music very loud as well. I wonder what it is that draws us to certain types of music. I am a total mum now. Long gone are the skin tight jeans, bandanas and massive backcombed hair, and yet I still love that style of music.

(now: "Black Betty" by Spiderbait)

Now I don't run around thrashing my head everytime a good song comes on. As much as I may be tempted *G* Old habits are hard to break ya know. But I happy to say that my girls are as familar with Metallica as they are with Shania Twain. I am trying to expose them to as many different types of music as I can in hope that they will have a greater appretiation. No Britney though, a mum has to draw the line somewhere.

(now "Dragula" by Rob Zombie)

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Jenna Leigh said...

Is fine.. I'll beat you Nano-flammo! .. Ok, it sux, but it rhymes and THAT'S what is important.. and no, I'm not drunk, so I ain't gots no excuse..