Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I didn't want to come home!

Niagara Falls was awesome. Despite being cold and overcast. We've been there lots of time but never by ourselves and certainly not overnight. We stayed at the Marriott. I loved it. The staff was kick'n; they made me breakfast, did the dishes, made my bed, how could I not love them! LOL Ok so yea they do that for everyone but I really appreciated it. It was almost the best part of the weekend.

This was the view out our window. As you can tell we were really frick'n high up 23rd floor to be exact. I was a bit nervous but got over it quick enough. There was enough to distract me. The Horseshoe Falls were directly in front of us and if you turned to the left you could see the American Falls down a bit.
At night they shine lights on the water and it looks so cool but I couldn't get a good picture. The flash kept reflecting off the glass. Then when we went for a walk I was a goober and forgot the camera up in our room. So instead I 'nicked a picture off the internet. It looks exactly like this.

This was our room. There is a fireplace just to a right of the chairs, then a big desk and then a big wood armour that holds the tv and bar fridge. Speaking of which. Do you know how much they charge you for a 1L bottle of water in the room $11.00!!!! I'd drink from the toilet first. So we just bought our own and shoved it in to keep it cold. There was a massive bathroom with a jaccuzzi tub big enough to swim in. Also there was a double window in the wall between the bathtub and the bedroom, so you could open them like a pair of doors, then lay in the tub, all bubbly, and still watch tv. Now that is luxury!This was sent up to our room compliments of the hotel. Chris mentioned that we were there celebrating out tenth anniversary. How sweet was that eh? It is a chocolate wine bottle that had a hole cut in the side of it and was filled with Hershey kisses. mmmmChocolate. It was all wraped up in cellophane with a big bow. I was so excited. LOL No wonder I didn't want to come home. I got choccies delivered right to my door!


Paxa said...

Those are the most awsome photos Rhi! Wondering if you could hear the falls all the way up there in your room?

Sorry to hear you're feeling icky and NANO didn't work out like you planned. It's ok, just because November didn't work out, there's still December, keep writing hon.

FeyRhi said...

You can hear the Falls everywhere LOL. The rumbling vibrates in your chest when you are walking down along the rail. It quickly becomes backgroud noise though, you just get used to it. Both Falls are amazing no matter how many times I see it.
My cold is slowly getting better. Today my head is clear and no more pressure behind my eyes but I am coughing like a seal. Blech flegm.
I'm still working on the writing. Now I'm just angry at myself for being such a procrastinating bonehead. *G*

Mechele Armstrong said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Nice of the hotel. Happy anniversary!!

And listen to Paxa. Keep writing.