Saturday, December 03, 2005

My week from HELL!!!!!!!!!!

~~~Cover your eyes if your easily offended, this will be your only warning.~~~

You know there are times when I wish I lead a boring life. I really get sick of the dramatic bullshit that I seem to be stepping in lately. What, you might ask, possibly could have happened to ruin what was a wonderful "I won NANO glow" I had going.

My husband getting fired from his fucking job, 3 fucking weeks before the holidays! Which has forced me to work extra shifts on on Sundays for the over time. Somthing I really HATE to do. Sundays as the only day that, up until now, were guartenteed that the family could spend together.

Now did my hubby do anything wrong, NOPE! He has found out through various sources that it is possible that this jackoff boss of his had every intention of firing my hubby the day he hired him. Right after he learned everything my hubby knows about the job he does and met all hubbies contacts and sat in on all the training seminars that my hubby does. Then completely blindsides him and fires him. Will the cocksucker be hiring someone to replace my man? NOPE, Muthafucka has said that he will be taking over my hubbies duties.

Leaving us with only 1 vehicle, and 1 income with a new house and bills and other things that had me to the point of absolutly loosing it last night. My anxiety level is through the goddamn roof, I'm nauseous, my tummy physically hurts ever time I manage to eat something and I gained 5 fucking pounds. Can anyone explain that shit to me!

Have to say that as much as I bitch and vent about the man I married I truly love him. He curled up next to me and kissed my head and stroked my hair while I sobbed my eyes out, telling me that we will be fine, that this is a little set back and how much he loves me and seeing me like that was breaking his heart.

You know there I was laying there, all puffy eyed, runny nose, blochy faced, with a spliting headache and I honestly think I fell in love with him again.
(Well I realized that once I calmed down a bit.)
Sometimes it's the little things that you don't realize at the time. Hubby knows how I feel about crying in front of people. Don't ask me why, I sure there is some sort of trama in my past that has given me this hang up and what ever it is I don't remember and frankly I don't fucking want to. Anyways he never turned on the bedroom light, never made me look at him and went down to put the kettle on for me once I settled down a bit. That is one pretty fucking smart man if you ask me.

Now will this drama last forever, no I know it won't. Logically I know that hubby will get another job and this is just a hurdle that we will get over, Does that stop me from living in full fledged panic mode. No, not so far.

Now I sure this post would have been much nasiter and much longer if it hadn't been for a post in Jen's blog. She has a link for one of the funniest things I have seen/heard in a long time. Nothing like laughing your ass off to take the wind out of a good bitch session.

I also want to add my heart felt thanks to Paula and Steph for their notes to me last week and their comments on the previous post, and also to Jen for her encourage ment when I got close to the finish line. Ladies, from the depths of my heart thank you for your kind words, they mean the absolute world to me.

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