Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tomorrow is my day off!!!!!!

WooHoo I finally have a day off!

I worked last Sunday which means my last day off was last Thursday and I can tell you I HATE this shit. Hubby still doesn't thave a job, and I am trying to be patient and understanding and all that crap
when I am the one working 48 hours a week, doing laundry, cleaning, sorting recycling, getting and taking out the garbage, getting up extra early each day, trying to work it out that one of the girls from work gives me a drive so he can have the car. Along with what feels like a mountain of other things I am doing, (sparks, my writing, holiday preparation, etc) And what does my husband do?

Well I'll give credit where credit is due he has made dinner each night this week, and has attempted to tidy the kitchen and sweep the floors. Of course he called me today to complain that the electricty was turned off, (they were working on a transformer or something on the street) and he had nothing to do but sit around for 4 hours.


What I would do for 4 hours by my self with no one around, and no distractions and he was complaining?

*sigh* I am running out of patience.

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