Thursday, December 08, 2005

How do you turn a paperclip into a house?

So I'm watching my favourite morning show, Breakfast Television and Liza was talking about this guy who is trying to achieve his dream of owning a house by trading up for one.

He started with a red paperclip and has traded his way up to a snowmobile.
What a cool idea! (It you click on the title of this blog you will go to his website.)

Apparently it is a take on a game he and his buddies used to do or something like that, strange but damn I hope he can do it. That would make one hell of a story that he could retell for years, a lifetime in fact.

The only thing of worth I have to trade is an unemployed husband, but I'm kinda attached to the guy so I think I might keep him for a little while longer. Unles he pisses me off too much then I might see what I can get for him. (oh come one you know I'm kidding!)


On the writing front, things are progressign nicely. I devided up my WIP into chapters, so as of today I have 23 chapters. Of coruse some of them are only 4 pages long but I'll work on that later *G*

I did hear a bit of news. Kensington Publishers are starting up an erotic line. That is the Good news; Bad news is they only accept manuscripts from agented authors. *dramatic sigh*
SO I am almost back at square one. I know someone who might be able to connect me with an agent but I've gone to a bunch of his workshops and he is really cool but the thought of actually giving my work to someone I know to read *ack* Especially with all the sex in it! It's like doing it right in front of the guy LOL. I guess I had better get over this hang up really quick.

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Jenna Leigh said...

You can do it! Come on! You know ya can missy!