Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!
Yes ladies and gentleman, with 1 hour, 1 minute, and a few seconds to go I uploaded my file and surpassed that monstrous 50,000 word mark.
*continues dancing around!*

I could have continued writing and I will but once I surpassed that milestone I immediately ran to the computer to update my word count. Knowing me if I didn't; I'd loose track of time and remember well after midnight. Damn would I be pissed then, but it didn't happen *bouncing around*
I really am happier then anyone has a right to be but this is huge to me!

It has been a horribly stressful week (more on that at a later date)and this was the best way to turn it around. My next goal is to get it edited and ready to enter in Passionate Ink's January 28th contest.

realistically I think that by the time I am done all the edits and such I think it should be about the 75,000 mark. Then I will attempt to discover the pain and anguish of rejections. Yes of course I hope a publisher will buy it and pay me lots of money but I am being realistic here. One step at a time!

So to celebrate this rather massive stepping stone in my efforts to become a published writer I am treating myself to a bottle I was saving till Christmas eve. It's a black muscat dessert wine from California called Elysium. Bloody amazing stuff. It's terrible to say but i am a little jaded when it comes to Ontario icewines. Don't get me wrong they are amazing and everyone really should take the time to treat themselves and try one but with my job I try so many that sometimes they almost seem "same ole, same ole" (I can almost hear the Ontario Wine Council gasping in horror after that comment) This wine shows up 'once in a blue moon' on our shelves and it is so very differnt from anything else that it's perfect for this moment. Of course I'll be buying another one on Friday for Christmas eve LOL Although in order to redeem myself from my earlier comment I may have a Flat Rock Vidal Icewine instead.


frenchpeas said...

*throws confetti all over* Congratulations!! I knew you could do it. You've got such an awesome idea I can't imagine any publisher in his right mind rejecting it. Woo hoo!!

Paxa said...

*Doing Happy Dance*

WOO-HOO CHICA!!!! Had no doubts!
I'm with Ade, publishers will be knocking on your door.