Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can't blog must write

I'm getting closer 21,708 words done and only 14 days left to get that up to 50,000. Having said that, today's note will be short yet sweet and I am allowing myself not to feel guilty when I don't blog for the next 14 days. Yea like I can actually last that long.

LOVE this poster. Wish I could get a copy of it but for now I have this little picture. It was from a campaign through McMaster University after 9/11. Damn powerful if you ask me. It is so a blog in the making I just don't have time to write it.

50,000 here I come!

1 comment:

Paxa said...

Love the poster! Another example why Canadians are one of the few civilized (not to mention polite) people on the face of the earth.

Almost 22K words! Doing the Paxa Dance of Joy and Encouragement! WAY TO GO!