Saturday, November 03, 2007

The world would be a different place

So first off I wanted to give my hubby major Kudos. He isn't a big book all, something I find completely foreign but if you aren't encouraged as a child then it's understandable. While we were on Vacation hubby read "Dog" -the bounty hunter's book You Can Run but You Can't Hide from cover to cover. I was so proud LOL. Well the other day we were in chapters and he found a copy of a book written by the Osbournes. Ordinary People-Our Story He's been reading every night for the last 3 nights! It's only taken 12 years but I am finally rubbing off on him LOL Part of the book sparked a conversation between the two of us about Randy Rhodes.

If you have never heard of him it's a shame. He was an incredibly talented man who was a founding member of Quiet Riot and then played with Ozzy for a couple of years. Now don't make the face! Heavy Metal might not be to everyone's taste and that's ok.
What made Randy Rhodes special was that he was a prodigy. Teaching classical guitar at the age of 11 kind of prodigy. Just click on the link below. It's only 50 seconds and you try to tell me that man had no talent. This is a piece he wrote for his mother and named after her.

Alas this does not have a happy ending. Randy Rhodes was killed in a plane crash March 19, 1982. He was 26.

Many of his friends reported that he was only planning to stay in rock for another couple years and then go back to school to get his Masters in music. Such a tragedy because he would have lifted the expectations of everyone who loved music to amazing heights. How would music be different today? Who knows? I'm sure he would have created a sound we have yet to hear.

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