Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Samhain!!!!!

Aaaahhhhhhh My favourite day of the year. I love this holiday, the fresh start of a new year, reflecting on what has gone on during the past 12 months. I had the day off and spent most of it writing on an article for work and the rest getting the girls ready for tonight.

Speaking of the costumed girls in my life....Meet Ryleigh dressed up as 'someone you can count on'. Abby ( a friend of the girls) is a vet and Teaghan is one of the singing heads from Disney's Haunted Mansion

You can see a bit more of the details of Ryleigh's costume. She is wearing a blue and black pageboy wig and is covered with numbers, flash cards and has a calculator around her neck. i wrote numbers on her face and if you look closely you will see a number 43 on her nose. (Troy Polomolu's #)

Teaghan has her face fainted gray is wearing a plastic wig that we spray painted gray as well as the painted box. She is on her knees in the picture with all 3 girls because she didn't want her legs to show. LOL

I know you can buy really amazing costumes these days but I still think that home made ones are the best. It adds fun to the event instead of just getting dressed the day of, there aer weeks of planning and deciding. Although I will admit on a number of occasions I was tempted to just go buy one and be done with it. Then after they are all dressed up, it was worth every moment.

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