Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First time for everything

Well yesterday started out normal, but then I got a call from the school about an hour before it ended. Teaghan wiped out while running outside and they think that she hurt herself really badly. Yuppers she did.

My oldest managed to put a crack in the big bone of her right arm. Nasty eh. Thankfully is wasn't a compound fracture or anything but she is still uncomfortable.
She gets her cast tomorrow and can't decide what colour she wants. I tell ya casts are a lot cooler now then they were when I was breaking my arms. I remember the old white plaster casts that weighed a ton. Now they have these colourful fiberglass jobbies, and they are much lighter too. If she picks a coloured one I said I would get her a silver pen for the kids at school to sign their name on it.

Now I have to figure out a mitten pattern that will fit over the end of it, according to the weather guy it is supposed
snow tomorrow.

11/24 update: The cast is BRIGHT NEON PINK!!! Honestly I was blinded momentarily when she first came home. By the end of school it was covered in signatures in black marker so thankfully it is toned down a but. Good news is if the power goes out her cast is bright enough to light the house LOL


Myfanwy said...

Oh Teaghan,Grami Loves you!!
Good thing you have a wonderful sister to be your "Right Hand" while you get better. I bet you pick the royal blue cast.. ((((BIG HUG))))

Paxa said...

Oh poor Teaghan, hope the break heals fast and doesn't itch *G*.

And Rhi, please remind Teaghan a cast is not a weapon and not to hit her sister in the head.

Marissa Alwin said...

((HUGS)) As one who has broken many bones, my sympathies. yup ccast have changed over the years. My son broke his ankle during football practice on halloween, and he didnt even get one! they have him in a big black velcro boot thingy. He can even take it off and shower! so was it the humerus she broke? lol bet she doesn't think its funny.


FeyRhi said...

Amazingly enough mum, she went for the brightest freaking pink on the colour spectrum. Perhaps we are seeing the end of the blue phase??

Thanks Paxa, so far she has not raided my knitting needles but I'm giving her another week before that starts. She only tried to knock her sister once on the arm and hurt herself enough that I'm not worried about a repeat.

hias Mo! I've seen those big boot thingies on people but I thought they were jsut for sprains. I acn't believe how thin and light these new casts are!