Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This that and the other

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Cicero

What a great quote *G* I can honestly say there isn't a single room in my house that doesn't have a book or 8 stashed somewhere. I won't even bring up the pile that currently lives next to my bed. Oh what the hell I have no shame LOL
This picture is what it looked like 5 minutes ago. That doesn't count the two book shelves I have in there too. And yes I've read them all. Most of the ones shown I've read more then once. "How to Marry a Marquis", "Mercy", "Tis All I Ask", "Dance with the Devil" just to name a couple I pick out a first glance. I don't think I can even guess how many times I've read those or skimmed to my favourite parts. LOL

I've heard tell of people that have uncontrollable TBR (to be read)piles. I must be some sort of nut because I really don't have that problem. I can't, NOT read a book I've bought. Even if it sucks some huge slimy rocks, I'll skim through it hoping to find a kernel of redemption, or at least get to the end and finish it. I can see a couple such books in that pile, I won't name names 'cause that isn't nice but they were authors I hadn't read before and won't ever again.

Speaking of authors I have taken a gamble on. Alexis Morgan. She hit a big home run with me last year with her first Paladin book. If you want to read my original blurb about here click here. I checked Chapters tonight and her third book is in stores. Officially it isn't released until the 26th. As soon as I get the girls off to school in the morning I am picking myself up a copy. I can't wait!

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