Friday, June 01, 2007

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho

It's off to camp I go.

This weekend is the last camping trip with the Girl Guides. As much as I love being involved, I'm looking forward to the break. (Guides doesn't run during the summer.)
As usual I'm not packed but at least I have most of the stuff I need piled up at the front door, ready to be thrown in the car after work. We're tent camping for the next 2 nights, which means a lot of extra stuff has to be brought.

Wish me luck, it we 3 leaders and 17 girls that range from 9-11. Oh man what have I gotten myself into?


Daphne Turner said...

*laughs* Oh my. You are more brave than I am. *hands over lots of chocolate for self-medication* Good luck and have fun!

FeyRhi said...

I survived, the girls had a great time, I'm exhausted. More later..right now I need a HOT shower and a nap.