Thursday, August 09, 2007

A week long adventure

My children have never spent much time away from me. Hubby and I have gone on two overnight trips and 1 weekend get away and other then that they have always been with us.
Bright and early tomorrow morning my girls are going to their Grandpa's for a week.

7 whole days

168 hours

70,080 minutes

I am stressing big time about this. It's not that I have any concerns about their welfare. They get to be spoiled by Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, and hang with their cousins. The 4 girls will no doubt shatter many windows by the sheer volume of their screaming. They will have a blast.

And yet my stress level has gradually risen as the day has gotten closer. What if my oldest has a problem? The family isn't used to her quirks and special needs. What if she wakes up with night terrors and I'm not there to calm her? What if one of them falls down and I'm not there to kiss it better? Who will make them chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse?

Hubster mentioned that perhaps this trip will be good for us, help us let go a bit and let them stand on their own two feet. I told him I thought he was on crack.

On the other hand, this means we have the house all to ourselves. No worrying about interruptions or doors opening at inopportune times. We can have a 'dirty' weekend in the comfort of our own house....anywhere in the house LOL

No 'Hannah Montana' or being made to watch "High School Musical" AGAIN. Going for a swim in the pool without being cannonballed to wait hubby is the biggest offender of that one.

Yes I know I'm being neurotic, that's nothing new. And there will be some really nice points to this next week. But I still worry, but then I guess that's a mum's perogative.

I'll feel better once they are home again.

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Paxa said...

Nah, don't think your hubster is on crack. Your girl might surprise you and claim the visit as the best week ever. *handing you a Kettle Chip* Don't worry, The girls will be fine.