Monday, August 27, 2007


I've mentioned it before but my brother and I have a bit of a war going on when it comes to our children's gifts. I purchase things I know his girls will like, but more importantly they have to be things that he will never buy them, and would annoy the hell out of him. Of course he reciprocates.

I bought my niece a couple copies of the Strawberry Shortcake movies complete with a
sing- a-long CD. He bought my daughter a 1000 piece bead set. I bought his daughter an I-Dog (the pop version) He bought mine a mini hand held drumkit that you play with your thumbs. It makes these little tinny electrical sounds that make my molars ache.

Well my youngest niece's birthday is next month and I am taking this battle to a whole new level. After looking through some old photo albums the other day and found a picture of my brother in his Beaver uniform. He's about 5 in the picture and just looks so darn cute.


Today I took the picture to a photo shop and am having it put on a t-shirt for my niece with "I love my daddy" written over it. When it comes back I'm going to let the girls decorate it with glittery fabric paint. Little hearts and flowers all around his picture. Ah yes I am brilliant.


Myfanwy said...

OMG I remember that picture and your right. He was cute as a button. The girls will love it. You really are evil aren't you?? *hilarious laughter

FeyRhi said...

Yes, Yes I am...but then I had to get it from someone...*ahem* LOL