Sunday, August 05, 2007

My husband's influence...

As many of you know I became a football fan because it was in the small print of my marriage vows. Over the last 12 years my husband's constant chatter about the sport has worn me down to a grudging respect for the game. (my love of Troy Polamalu is all my own doing though)

I've heard many stories about Michael Irvin over the years from hubster and tonight he told me all about this speech that he had seen. You have to realize that my hubby HATES the Dallas Cowboys so for him to speak favourably about one of their players, former or otherwise, was a monumentious occasion on it's own.

Below is a clip, it's not the entire speech just the ending but you can tell by the crowd that is was a powerful one. I decided to post it becuse what the man says can pertain to anyone, in any walk of life, and it is a very good thing to keep in mind.

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