Monday, April 23, 2007

Time to hit the reset button

Today is the third day in a row that the sun has been shining and the temperatures have been above normal.
In short it was a gorgeous weekend! We all got outside for some desperately needed fresh air. I sat in a chair and read while the girls went up and down the street on their scooters. Hubby cleaned up melting dog bombs LOL

For me it's like pushing a reset button in my subconscious. I have a habit of letting things get to me and weigh me down to the point that I have problems letting it all go in the end. All the stress and mess of the past few months is over and I was feeling the strain.

So with a deep breath I hit the reset and start over. Today is Monday, and my day off which is a nice way to start the week *G*

I have a book to write, laundry to do, toilets to scrub and a cross stitch green man to finish. Poor guy, I started him years ago and he has been living in half-finished limbo ever since. I have another beautiful pattern I would like to work on but I have forbidden my self to even purchase the thread until I have him done.

Having said that I wish you all a wonderful productive day!!! I have my list, now I have to start crossing things off it as I finish.....laundry can still wait though *G*


Myfanwy said...

no fair!!!! you want to race me and you are almost done and I haven't even started. Hmmmm. By the by he coming along very nicely. Do his eyes next for goodness sake.

FeyRhi said...

Nope can't do the eyes till last. He will look too real otherwise. If I do them now then he will be looking at me while living in half finished limbo and the guilt would eat at me. LOL

And I'm not almost done. The amount of backstitching and outlineing will take as long as the original stitching did.

Get to it you still have a chance.

Mechele Armstrong said...

I'm all for the reset button.

Love the crossstitch.