Friday, April 20, 2007

Tears for a Stranger

Even wonder how a person you have never met can have such an impact on your life? No I don't know how either, but it happens.

The news has been filled with what happened at Virginia Tech. I can't handle it anymore and am boycotting all news programs. I've reached emotional tilt. When that happens, I have learned from experience, that it is better if I avoid for a while, before I have a total meltdown.

This evening my husband grabbed the local newspaper out of our mailbox before I could see it and told me that it would be better if I didn't read it. He's thoughtful that way, I figure there was more of VT news on it.

A short time later he tore the front page off and then a few pages inside. OK that was strange but I appreciated his thoughtfulness. It wasn't long after when he said that he wasn't sure if he should throw them out or let me read it. In that moment I realized what he was trying to protect me from.

Let me take you back a year or so ago. Our local paper had a story on the front page about a then 15 yr old girl battling a rare form of cancer that had developed from a rare virus she caught. She had the most wonderful attitude and outlook on life. She has made numerous appearances in the paper since then. Letters from her mum or letters from her thanking everyone for their support. She created a fundraising project before Christmas, while in the hospital she and her sister made bracelets. It would help keep her mind off her treatments and the money raised went to the McMaster Bead Program. In this program the children get beads when they have to undergo certain treatments, these beads are made into bravery necklaces.

At that time she had 8 full necklaces. That is when I met her mum, we spoke on the phone a few times when I purchased some bracelets and I've been getting updates on everything has been going. Her mum sends out a quick note to everyone now and then.

Meghan Rush lost her battle on Wednesday. After undergoing all sorts of treatments, her poor body just couldn't keep up. She was placed in a medically induced coma and passed away in her sleep.

I know she is in the arm of my Lady but right now that doesn't offer any solace. As a mum I can't imagine how her parents are coping right now.

As usual I can't find the words to explain how I am feeling...or maybe that's because there isn't any.


Paxa said...

Big HUG Chica

FeyRhi said...

Thanks hun. I had a big old messy sob session at the kitchen table, but I'm better now. *muah*

Mechele Armstrong said...

Awww big (((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))

That's so sad.

yeah, I had to boycott the stuff on VA Tech, too. I'm in Virginia, and it really hit everyone here hard.