Friday, April 06, 2007

Meat vs Fish

Yes there are drawbacks to having children in a catholic school. Our 10 yr old announced today that we cannot eat meat because it's 'Good Friday'.

Yea ok.

If there is one thing very true about the Christian religion, Catholics specifically, they do not like to break with their traditions. This is a big one. Technically the rule is you're not to eat meat on any Friday. Originally this was started in order to support the local fishermen. Fishing was big business and there were a lot of people doing it. So the Church stepped in a created a special rule regarding eating the floppy things once a week. Kudos for them trying to help in their community but as the centuries passed it became a hard and fast rule. Yea Yea I know it is written in the 'big book of everything' who do you think put it there?

Honestly, who really believes that you will suffer eternal damnation for what you ate on a specific day? My guess is the same people that think you will go blind if you play with certain things.

Funny thing is a Bishop ok'd eating meat on St Patrick's Day this year. But there is a catch, if you chose to enjoy your wings & burgers with your green beer then you would have to abstain another day. I wonder how many people chose Saturday? If I'm hungover I don't even want to think about a big steak dinner.

Just proves my point that some rules are so outdated that even the diasis are bending them.

So what did we have for dinner? We went to 'Lick's' and she had a vegetarian burger. Me I enjoyed a nice juicy steak on a bun with extra onions and HP sauce. Did I mention I'm very annoyed with hubby right now *G* (he hates unions)

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Jenna Leigh said...

Down here in N.E. Louisiana, we have fried catfish every Friday in the hospital cafeteria. When you combine a religious ritual with the Redneck's love of fried food, it's a tradition that ain't gonna die no times soon. LOL.
By the way, Southern Baptists feel that any holiday is a time to eat meat, and if it's getting warm, it's time to BBQ it. That makes it go better with the tater salad you see. *grins*