Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yet another shorty...

Really nothing overly interesting going on. Other then I am writing...really really writing not just talking about it, playing around with an idea or plugging away at some dead, lifeless, creative black hole... nah just kidding I do like my job. I just wish I was still on vacation.

A thought hit me today. There is only 2 months and 8 days till NaNoWriMo starts again. Wow where did the last year go?

Ok *pushing up sleeves* Have to get back to makeing those bar graphs move.


Marissa Alwin said...

Checking in! yay! good for you! Keep going! *shakes Pom Poms* Can't wait to see that graph move for you! *grins sheepishly* speaking of moving graphs I better get to work too.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Keep that graph moving!