Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can I have a Mulligan?

I'm calling a do over! (again) My memory failed me, either that or I am suffering from self-sabotage...which is always possibility. The subconscious has a mind of it's own sometimes.

When I arrogantly announced that I was setting a modest goal of 3G's for last week I forgot that I had family coming for visit. DOH! *smacking forhead* Not that I minded the visit. I adore my nieces and my brother and sister-in-law and had a great visit but this is the first time I have had a quiet moment on the computer in many days.

I did get started on my goal but I am bumping my date to this Monday. Thankfully the same character is still hollering in the back of my mind or this could have turned out disasterous. Although the extra time has allowed me to mentally ceate some secondary characters and flesh out a bit of the world they live in. Which bears a striking resemblance to British Columbia LOL. This should be a challenge to write about a place I have never been. If this goes as well as I hope; I imagine I'll have a couple maps of the province including Victoria Island hanging by my computer for reference.

Tonight was the girls second last soccer game for the season. We have one more "playoff" game for each of them on Saturday, when they get trophies.Then I can retire from 'soccer mom' status for another year.

Damn I'm tell'n you; When I was a teenager with massive backcombed hair, highcuts, bandanas, and a leather jacket, looking forward to getting my first tattoo; I never would have though the term 'soccer mom' would ever be used to describe me. That term always invoked a preppy, sandra deeish image. (Two adjectives that still cannot be applied to me LOL)

I am hereby heralding the term "Naughty Soccer Mom"...oh wait that sounds more like a title for a porno. There has to be something better. Any suggestions?

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Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL yeah sometimes goals are great, other times, I go "What was I thinking." Good luck getting it done.

*sigh* soccer is going to be gearing up soon here.