Monday, April 06, 2009

The unthinkable has happened.......

First off I should admit that I totally swiped this from the Samurai Knitter. I couldn't help it, it is too damn funny. Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while...or more often.

Not that it has been all that terrible around here. More to the opposite. Took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara for a mini vacation. That was a blast.

Got home and discovered a few days later that both of them have head lice. That wasn't so much fun. NO I do not think they picked it up at the me there is enough chlorine in those pools to destroy any critters. Who knows where the little beasties hitched a ride? Of course if the girls both have them....well the odds are they probably shared with me as well. Couldn't find any evidence in my hair but I wasn't going to take any chances.

Normally, I like to try all the natural remedies to a situation before relying on any type of chemical. This is the exception. I nuked the little bastards...and in a few days I'll do it again just to make sure they are all gone. That'll teach 'em.


Marissa Alwin said...

LOL I hear ya! Our local salon has a great natural product we spray on our hair as preventative. Fairytales Hair Care Products we spray the conditioner on after we shampoo.

And BTW The Kindle is Awesome!!!


Liz said...

Your talking to the pro here! My 3 girls got lice at the beginning of March. I tried so many products but the little critters kept coming back. The school then recommneded Licesquad. A company that does the lice and nit removal in no time! They use pesticide free treatment that is even safe for babies and pregnant mothers. They have the best lice comb I have ever seen, none of those stupid plastic ones. Plus they also have a natural preventative. Best money that I have ever spent. They also showed me what to look for and do. So if we get lice again, I am the Pro!

Anonymous said...

how do you nuke just the girls heads? Doesn't the door of the microwave have to be closed in order for it to work?