Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've never been so disgusted....

Well I'm not sure if this is the worst, but it ranks in the Top 5.

I'm watching tv and one of these "buy now before it's too late" commercials come on. You know the type.

And what are they flogging this time?

Commemorative coins marking the 5th anniversary of 911. Complete with a second pressing silver relief of the twin towers that stands up proud with the gold coin as a background. "Guaranteed silver is from the heart of ground zero". All the while the star spangled banner is playing in the background as this professional voice drones on about limited availability and limit of 5 per order.

How many fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters died that day. What about the families that carry a never healing wound within their soul because of that day. What about the loss of innocence that day took? Don't forget the war that is still being fought and soldiers that are being killed on a daily basis.

And now some asshole is going to make a shit load of money from it.

Fuck'n disgusting if you ask me.

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Marissa Alwin said...

HUGS I know how you feel it seems there is always someone out there wanting to make a profit off someone elses tragedy. I was thinking that the other day when they had Britney Spears all over the tabloids again!Give the girl a break!

Although I do understand people wanting a piece of history, a true memory of an event that evokes such a strong emotion respose from people. So if you are going to get a commemorative anything check the company and see where their profits go... I know that National Collector's Mintm who make coins, gives a percentage of profits to victims. So far they have donated 1.9 million dollars to survivors, family members and rescue workers.

HUGS And Support our Soldiers