Sunday, August 31, 2008

Under a fog of woodsmoke and burnt BBQ sauce

It's that time of year again. The Labour Day weekend marks an important event around these parts.

Over a hundred and thirty thousand people descended into Spenser Smith park this weekend, unleashing their inner carnivore. That is a lot of people. Last year the Ribbers went through over 90,000 pounds of ribs.


In light of the Maple Leaf Meats scandal I wondered if that would have an effect on this weekends turnout. Not in the slightest if the crowds that were there today were any inclination. Or perhaps it was the relief of eating something that had been cooked right in front of them.

Either way it was all good. I have come to the conclusion that getting pulled pork sandwiches is the way to go. For $6.00 I get a sandwich stuffed with more meat and sauce then I can finish. Bonus is I can bring it home for a late night snack. That is a hell of a deal when you consider that a full rack of ribs is $20.00.

But then eating the meat out of a bun isn't as much fun as gnawing is right off a steaming bone. LOL

I have a couple of great pictures but they will have to wait until I can find the cable that attaches my camera to the computer. Damn I knew I should have gotten a hot pink one.

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Granny's Girls said...

I am jealous, Oh wait! I can smell ribs cooking from here!LOL

~Daughter #2