Monday, August 28, 2006

A must read...

Getting tired of the same stories repeated times and time a again, well have I got a suggestion for you.

Dinah has two hunky best friends, Ian and Taylor. They are there for her during any trauma that comes her way, especially when her boyfriend abuses her. But when they decide they want her between them forever and all ways possible, what will she decide about their relationship?

Being with them is the sexiest thing she's ever done. They arouse her beyond anything she'd ever dreamed possible. And they give her a sense of completion, though she never imagined the American dream with Dick, Jane, and Robert. But when odd things start happening. Ugly things that make her doubt who she's becoming, she resists her desires, ignoring her gut feelings.

Will she give in to her family's and society's pressures? Or will she find a way to give in to her darkest desire, to be the woman in the middle?

(Michele I hope you don't mind I swiped your cover blurb from your site)

This is Michele Armstrong's newest release titled Dinah's Dark Desire. It was a great story with a group of believeable characters. Michele tackled not just the emotions of the main characters but some of the views that surround this type of relationship. There is a nice little twist in there too *G* I really enjoyed it and was sorry that it ended. That said I certainly wouldn't mind if the three of them ever made a cameo appearance in one of her future books. *coughmichelecoughhinthintwnikwinknudgenudge*


Mechele Armstrong said...

OMG! Thank you!!! LOL I don't mind at all. I was surprised to come over and see it. And you read it and liked it! Whoo hooo.

I really really really enjoyed Dinah, Taylor and Ian. So who knows, they might get revisited. It would be a lot of fun.

FeyRhi said...

They are wonderful characters Michele, I always look forward to your books.

Give me a kick in the pants to work on my stuff *G*